Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 - New 5K timing

Just to keep it for the record, 22min 34sec. (Improved to 22min 25sec on 9-Jun)
Didn't feel uncomfortable at all - i think i can get under 22 min in a months time. and, then make it close to 21 mins. Will keep doing the weekly long runs of 10Km at comfortable pace to make the 5K feel shorter.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New 10K - fast & confident

Completed in 49min 52 sec - the first under 50 min by me. YESSSS!!!!

I was mentally prepared to do it. Was constantly doing 25-35 min runs at the same pace once in a while. And, some fast paced runs (4:30 min per Km) to make the target pace (5 min per Km) feel easy and comfortable. Added with a dash of weight training.
It was a pretty solo effort (like 99% of all), but i think i am going to move forward from this timing soon and realize the much awaited timing of 45 min. Fingers crossed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Half marathon

On sunday, 17th-jan-2010, was the Mumbai Marathon. Another day to test the skills over the distance - half marathon. Following were my results,

Timing - 2hr 01min 01sec Rank - 317/394

(was boxed behind lot of people at the starting line resulting in a bit bad finish time and rank)

I was targeting a sub-2Hr result. But, the Sun hit me very hard in the final 3 Kms and i couldn't keep up the pace. Missed the target my about a minute. Will be better prepared next time :)

Not at all a bad race, i felt good throughout the race and recovered quite quickly.
From this race, i have got a lot of confidence, and i am gonna use it for my favorite short distances - 3K, 5K & 10K.

From today, i am back to regular running.
Upcoming target is to PR on the 10Km distance and do a sub-50 min @ Sunfeast bang 10K.
Short term (2 months) target is to do a 5Km in sub-22 mins.


Personal Bests
5Km - 23min45sec (Feb 2009)
10Km - 54min36sec (May 2009)
Half marathon - 2Hr 01 min 01 sec (Jan 2010)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The ladder approach

I would confess that i am not a speed guru. But, once in a while everyone one of us thinks about the SPEED factor, the wind through the hair, long smooth strides, hard breathing, and the ecstasy that follows.

Once in a while i let myself indulge in it and see what is possible. Yesterday was an unplanned day, could have been an easy run of 10 Kms, but i was not sure to do that. So i just thought to run on a speed of 4.5 min/Km and see how far i can go. I managed a non-stop 2.5 Km stretch. Although it is not a lot, but it was good. I ended up running the distance in 10:50, which is faster then what i expected.
That gave me some confidence about the shape i am in, and what i can be in. Now I can think of doing same for a 3Km distance, and later a 5Km. My current 5k time is just under 24 min, the goal is to bring that down to 22:30. Not bad! That sounds like more speed intervals, more hill training and more drills :) I love the idea. Its cool to climb the ladder!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heat, Humidity and Speed Intervals

The race day for the 10K is arriving in another 3 weeks. So, i am taking all the weather "conditions" that could prevail on that day. Usually, like last year, it can go hot, but will have less humidity compared to Mumbai. Or, it can get even more HOT and a bit more humid. Lastly, it could rain as well.
I have been training in the humid conditions for a long time, so i can resist that. Rains are ok, we (intermediates) don't get too much impacted by them. Only big concern is heat. If they start the race at 9 am in the morning (which is extremely ridiculous, and happened last time), then anything can happen. So, in order to get used to the heat, i planned for a day time run (yesterday). To make it even more difficult, i made it an interval session. according to internet, the conditions were

Temperature - 95 °F
Humidity - 80%

I ran 8 intervals of half kilometers at a pace of 4.5 min/Km with less then 20 sec recovery in between. I used my racing shoes while doing so. Didn't want to push, so limited them to 8 , rather then 10 which i usually i do.
Overall, it was a good experience. If i have a cap and water then i think i will be able to resist the heat. I will try to do another 2-3 such day runs and try to get stronger.

Today morning, i ran an easy 7.5 Km in 44 mns.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hill Training

They say that if you want to increase your running strength, nothing is better then hill training. Now, being a runner for over a year, i thought i could give it a chance and see if it works for me. Now, comes the tough part, since i live in mumbai, there are no hills apparently. To do it, i have to do it on any of the fly-over roads. I found one, which has no traffic in the mornings, which means clean air, it has a good sidewalk, which means no chance of getting struck by vehicles, all in all a good package as a hill. The incline and decline makes up around half kilometer. On the first day (yesterday), i did six loops at hard effort. I try to maintain the same speed at both incline and decline, which means hard effort going up and easy while coming down. I wish to do this workout once a week, followed by a rest/easy day. Honeslty speaking, it was tough on day one, the qauds feel the effect of the climbing, but no big pain. Today i did an easy 5Km at very slow pace to recover from yesterdays workout.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Shoe - Adizero ace

I was really wanting to go and buy a new shoe for the 10Km run. The requirement was simple, the shoe must be super light, well ventilated, not too cushioned and a bit supportive. I searched a lot of shops, big malls, exclusive stores, but could not find such a shoe. So, one fine day a salesman told me that i should go for the AdiZero line of shoes from Adidas and guided me to a store where i could find that shoe. Well, this Saturday i went to that shop, and finally got a pair from that line of shoes. The shoe is called Adizero Ace, and does comes for a high price. Other shoes in the same range were high priced too, this one was just under the budget too.
They feel like spikes with good support and cushion.
Went for a short run in them today, ran 5.5 Kms in 26 mins. The shoe really really work!!!!
I recommend it for all those light weight runners who like to push speed while running.